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Representing Health Care Providers In False Claims Act And Qui Tam

The False Claims Act creates an incentive for employees to take legal action against an employer who attempts to defraud the government. These “whistleblower” qui tam lawsuits are damaging on several levels and demand skilled representation for implicated companies.

The attorneys at have the background necessary for defending against qui tam claims. Our experience in all matters relating to health care fraud defense allows us to provide skilled services to clients in Dallas and across Texas.

Why Qui Tam Defense Is Difficult

Any health care provider that bills Medicare or Medicaid, or related programs under a VA health benefit or otherwise, may face prosecution under the False Claims Act. The government may bring a case against a provider to submit a false claim under either a civil proceeding or a criminal proceeding.

These cases are highly technical and turn on the technicalities of the program regulatory framework. A comprehensive review of the available records and knowledge of the health care laws, rules and regulations are mandatory for a firm to assist in such a case.

The Struggles Of Having A Whistleblower

Handling a whistleblower case is highly taxing on a company, and facing significant penalties because of the actions of an employee is hard to reconcile. It can feel like a betrayal, which is difficult to resolve. However, simply because you face the accusation does not mean it is true.

Your business decisions and processes must go through due process. You get your day in court, and you have rights that deserve protection. Our team of attorneys is a vigorous advocate for your company and will pursue every available measure to ensure your rights.

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