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Are You Under Investigation For Health Care Fraud?

It is said that as much as 10% of Medicare’s total budget is lost to fraud, abuse, waste and improper payments. Losses attributed to fraud and abuse are estimated to be over a billion dollars annually. Regulators take these violations exceptionally seriously, and accusations require the attention of attorneys skilled in health care matters.

At Kennedy Attorneys & Counselors at Law, our attorneys provide our clients in Dallas and across Texas with an insightful, comprehensive defense. We put over two decades of experience in health care law to work for you. We build a strategy based on facts to protect your rights and interests. 

Not All Irregularities Are Fraud

Federal and state regulators pursue wrongdoing aggressively. However, that does not necessarily mean an allegation is correct. Authorities now draw allegations of fraud and abuse from overpayment determinations, as well as utilization statistics. 

Whatever your provider type is, payors such as Medicare and Medicaid and private insurers compare statistical billing patterns to yours. These reviews can determine patterns of billing practices, such as:

Should the federal or state governments consider a billing pattern excessive, be prepared for an investigation. However, an irregular pattern is not evidence of criminal activity. You have every right to advocate for your company strongly.

Civil Complications Of Fraud Allegations

Allegations of fraud can lead to civil action in place of – or in addition to – criminal charges. Civil action for fraud can come in the form of Qui Tam litigation or licensing board matters, such as peer-review of single incidents and self-disclosure concerns.

These civil complications can be damaging financially and reputationally. We act with efficiency and confidentiality to provide an end-to-end defense of our clients.

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