More Than 20 Years Of Experience In The Field Of Health Care Law

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We Understand The Unique Challenges Of Health Care Employment Law

All health care businesses must not only comply with the deluge of health care regulations but also meet state and federal labor and employment laws. Meeting these requirements is a necessity, as it is the services of your workforce that keep your business profitable. 

At Kennedy Attorneys & Counselors at Law, our attorneys have the needed knowledge to assist a health care provider in the prosecution or defense of any such employment law issues for clients in Dallas and across Texas. We understand both transaction and litigation matters in the health care industry and use that comprehensive knowledge to create effective legal strategies for our clients.

Committed To Your Protection

Our attorneys have over two decades of experience in state and federal court. We protect our clients facing any number of employment law issues, including: 

  • Wage and hour claims or lawsuit
  • Texas workforce hearings 
  • Trade secret theft
  • Discrimination lawsuits
  • Harassment disputes

These matters are famously disruptive to businesses and even more disruptive to health care providers. A protracted, unflattering legal issue can do untold amounts of damage to your business. We move quickly to address these – and other health care business matters – with skill and confidentiality.

Building Employment Frameworks That Make A Difference

Incomplete, unclear documentation and policy are often the genesis for most employment law matters. Proper policy guides your organization through complex concerns and can provide a welcome line of defense against most claims.

Our attorneys have extensive experience crafting the foundational documents and policies that will allow you to resolve many employment matters. We have advised many clients on building employee handbooks and setting up dispute policies. We can guide your organization to the same level of success.

Dedicated To Health Care Providers

Health care is a vital service, and your staff is important. However, you deserve to protect your interests regarding your bottom line.

Contact us at 945-218-2698 to find out how we can make a difference for you. You may also schedule a meeting by using this online form.