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Healthcare Business Formation And Startup

It is important to start out on the right foot in a business, especially in the health care field. Whether your business needs to form a limited partnership for a startup business or an LLC to act as a holding company for an upcoming transaction or acquisition, our transaction and health care contract attorneys can work with you to form the company structure needed to meet your upcoming business goals and developments.

Medical practice and business entity types include:

  • Solo practice
  • Group practice
  • Partnership
  • Incorporating
  • Limited liability structure
  • Employed physician practice
  • Locum tenens

Health Care Business Transactions

Health care providers have seen ever-increasing governmental oversight in their businesses. Health care business transactions (buy, sell, mergers and acquisitions) must be conducted within a strict regulatory framework pursuant to both state and federal laws, rules, and guidelines. The attorneys at Kennedy Attorneys and Counselors understand the processes and timelines health care businesses must go through and can assist a seller or a buyer in navigating their transaction to successful completion.

Health Care Contract Preparation And Review

Contracts are at the core of every health care business. A typical health care business will contract in more than one way to be able to adequately conduct business. Contracts must be compliant with state and federal governing laws. The attorneys at Kennedy Attorneys and Counselors draft and review the myriad contracts your health care business has, including physician contracts, medical director contracts, noncompete agreements, employment contracts, service provider contracts, stockholder and partnership agreements, management contracts, transactional contracts, business associate contract and business associate agreements and HIPAA agreements.

Our health care contract attorneys also can advise your health care business on when it should or should not use a contract to cover personal services. Call 945-218-2698 or send us an email to find out how we can help.