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Assistance Throughout The Self-Disclosure Process

After a health care provider discovers a compliance issue, a provider often is required to report such a breach of federal or state regulation to a governing authority. Failure to do so can create a negative impression, but going forward without considerable legal guidance is also a risk.

At Kennedy Attorneys & Counselors at Law, our attorneys have over 20 years of experience working with clients from Dallas, across Texas and nationwide, dealing with any health care fraud issue. Possible fraud self-disclosures are sensitive moments because, in a sense, you are admitting to wrongdoing. However, we can assist you through this process and take steps to minimize negative outcomes.

Specific Disclosure Protocols

Medicare and Medicaid both have specific protocols for the voluntary self-disclosure of such a compliance issue. Compliance self-disclosures typically fall into the following categories:

  • Health care providers self-disclosures
  • Health and human services contractor self-disclosure
  • Health and human services grantee self-disclosures

These self-disclosures may assist a provider in avoiding criminal allegations and indictment by being a vehicle for the provider to bring the breach to the attention of the governing authority. These protocols are technical and require strict compliance.

Comprehensive, Experienced Guidance Through Difficult Matters 

We have navigated many clients through the protocols of self-disclosures. We understand how difficult these issues can be, and often, there are many unfortunate circumstances leading up to them. We work directly with clients to guide them through these situations.

Use our thorough understanding of the law and the necessary actions you must take during this time to get a better chance at success.

Professional. Confidential. Experienced.

Our team of attorneys is on hand to help you with your self-disclosure need. Reach out to schedule a meeting today by calling 945-218-2698 or using this online form.