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Defending Health Care Workers In Criminal Matters

Just like any other person in any other profession, health care workers such as doctors or nurses can face criminal charges. Whether they are related to your work or not, these charges can devastate you both personally and professionally.

At Kennedy Attorneys & Counselors at Law, our attorneys understand the unique struggles of health care workers in Dallas and across Texas. To that end, we maintain an of-counsel relationship with David Scoggins of Scoggins & Scoggins. Mr. Scoggins practices criminal defense and can defend against health care criminal indictments in both state and federal court.

Offenses Most Damaging To Health Care Workers

While any offense is serious, for health care workers, there are some charges that are specifically dangerous to their licensing. These charges can include:

  • Identity theft
  • Medicare fraud
  • Possession of controlled substances
  • Sale of controlled substances

Because health care providers are in a position of trust, with access to information and medication, a history of crossing certain lines disqualifies a person from health care.

However, facing the devastating outcomes of your loss of livelihood and freedom is scary. You deserve a comprehensive defense that can answer the criminal charges you face and the licensing disciplinary actions ahead.

We Can Provide Defense For Any Charge

Our team of attorneys can offer you a skilled defense of charges beyond those that have an immediate impact on your livelihood. For any charge or any accusation against you, we can provide you with the advice and representation you deserve.

We hope you never need this type of service, but due to the state and federal law enforcement that relates to health care providers, criminal prosecutions are a possibility. If you face an investigation or allegations that could deprive you of your freedom and livelihood, reach out to us. Schedule a meeting by calling 945-218-2698 or using this online form.