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Directing money towards employee salaries in senior care

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2023 | Health Law Attorneys

Texas nursing homes play a valuable role in providing care for individuals as they age. As with all businesses, nursing homes have overhead. Much of the money that nursing homes and other medical facilities pay covers administration and other overhead-related expenses. However, some argue that more of the nursing home budget should be directed toward the workforce by providing increased wages and benefits.

Healthcare requires people who care

Administrative costs and various overhead expenses play a crucial role in maintaining the functionality of a nursing home. However, at the core of the healthcare business is the necessity for dedicated individuals. Some assert that the foremost overhead expense should be allocated to wages for the individuals directly involved in providing the care that sustains the nursing home’s operation.

Common sense dictates that residents in nursing homes should receive dignified care in accordance with legal standards and accepted best practices within the medical community.

Certain nursing homes opt for minimal staffing, striving to meet the bare minimum standard of care with the fewest number of nurses available. Conversely, others argue that if patients are being charged for care or the government is funding the care, there must be adequate, well-compensated nurses to ensure safe and quality care. It wouldn’t be surprising if changes to healthcare laws were made to guarantee that patients nationwide receive proper care.

Increased compensation for workers

There are proposals for adjustments to the rules surrounding access to Medicaid. One of the provisions is that a minimum of 80% of Medicaid payments for personal care, home health aide services or homemaker services be spent compensating direct care workers. Additionally, other recommendations are being made to publish the average salary rate paid to direct care workers while implementing greater transparency regarding the administration of Medicaid-covered services.

The current administration believes Americans should have the peace of mind that healthcare brings. The goal is to help Medicaid beneficiaries while promoting better access to community-based services, particularly those for seniors.