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Understanding hospice care regulations and laws

On Behalf of | May 30, 2023 | Compliance

Recent advances in medical knowledge have positively affected patients in Texas and the rest of the country. These advances have helped to make many conditions far more survivable. At the very least, they have made patients much more comfortable. However, many patients will eventually need hospice care.

What is the basis of hospice law?

Hospice law is designed to regulate the rules of conduct that practitioners must observe in these facilities. As such, the laws are revised regularly to keep them current. The penalties attached to these rules and regulations violations are also frequently revised. The result is a body of law designed to protect the rights of patients who enter hospice care.

These laws and regulations come under the heading of several federal programs, including Medicare. The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations clearly states that all hospice locations are required to comply with them. It begins with a definition of palliative care that keeps patients comfortable in their final days.

Hospice law regulates the comfort of patients

Recent measures such as the CARES Act have helped to define the scope of modern hospice regulations. This act allows hospice operators to use improved technology, including telehealth conferences. The measure allowed for a broader application of recertification services and face-to-face conferences during the recent pandemic.

The result of the latest round of revised regulations has been an increase in the comfort of patients. These positive changes have resulted in a much more convenient and manageable experience for family members. They can be expected to undergo further revisions for this purpose.