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AI in the medical field

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2023 | Healthcare Business

The average primary care doctor spends about 3.5 hours a week doing paperwork while the average general surgeon spends 2.1 hours. Over the course of a year, that can add up to between four and eight 24-hour days. Doctors in Texas and across the country may benefit from using AI technology to reduce their workloads and to allow more time with patients.

Accurate diagnoses using image

One of the first uses of AI technology in medicine was to read a scan of a patient’s eyes for diabetic retinopathy and refer the patient to a specialist when necessary. AI is also used in radiology to locate small tumors that might be missed by human doctors, leading to earlier cancer diagnoses. Doctors can also use AI to triage patients so those most in need of care can receive it first.

A1 can eliminate choices

Doctors can also use chat-based software to help them determine what might be wrong with a patient so that they can order fewer tests to get an accurate diagnosis. It can be used to create reports that doctors can approve with one click, eliminating the need for doctors and healthcare professionals to spend hours writing reports. Confidentiality must be built into the systems in accordance with healthcare law.

Patient care

There are many ways that AI technology can provide a better patient experience. For example, patients can use a survey-type form to answer routine questions to make their time with the doctor more efficient. Furthermore, patients can receive follow-up care through chatbots and better understand when to contact their doctors. Numerous medical facilities have been using AI to help them schedule appointments for a long time. Eventually, the number of people involved in the patient’s care may be reduced, making it easier to follow medical law.

AI technology can be instrumental in the medical field. Since AI is constantly expanding, there will be even more ways to make it useful in the future.