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Stay aware and prevent hospice fraud

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2023 | Compliance

Texas hospice care is essential, providing support and end-of-life care to terminally ill patients and their loved ones. Hospice fraud is an unfortunate and growing problem.

Some disreputable providers engage in illegal practices, which defraud the government and harm patients. If you have a loved one in hospice, you can take steps to protect them from harm and prevent hospice fraud.

Choose a quality provider

Research providers before choosing one. Check their reputation in the community and verify that each provider has the proper licenses and certifications. Additionally, research their track records and other information to support their credibility.

Do not hesitate to ask providers about their qualifications, services and fees. A trustworthy and credible provider should have no issue being transparent and upfront about their practices.

Notice details and know your rights

Pay attention to detail and keep records of all your services, communications and fees related to hospice care. You could find signs of hospice provider fraud and the records can provide evidence if you have a dispute.

The patient and family have certain rights while receiving care in a hospice facility and should not find difficulty in asserting them. These include a right to receive a detailed care plan, a right to stop or refuse treatment and the right to file a complaint against the provider if they violated any rights or you have a dispute.

Watch for red flags and report suspected fraud

Be aware of certain activities that could indicate fraud according to hospice law, such as receiving billings for services you did not receive, substandard care or pressure from the provider to sign up for services you do not need.

If something seems wrong and you suspect fraud, report the issue to the proper authorities. Hospice fraud victimizes patients and families at an especially vulnerable time, and reporting fraudulent activity can prevent further harm and protect other patients.