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When hospice care is right for a patient

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2022 | Health Law Attorneys, Healthcare Business

If you have a loved one in Texas who needs end-of-life care, hospice care is a good option to consider. Hospice provides a specific kind of care that makes passing easier and more comfortable for the patient, and it brings peace of mind to the loved ones of the person who is dying.

What is hospice care?

The goal of hospice care is to improve the quality of life for people with terminal conditions and life-limiting illnesses. Hospice care will focus on providing palliative care to a patient, addressing the physical condition but also focusing on emotional and even spiritual needs. Hospice care doesn’t seek to help someone die by making the process happen more quickly; rather, it helps ease the discomforts of the natural process of dying. This includes providing medication allowed under hospice law reducing pain.

Generally, hospice care is provided within the patient’s home, but some people might go to a nursing or assisted living home if the family is unable to provide the care that their loved one needs. Typically, hospice care is only given when the life expectancy of the patient is less than six months.

Services that hospice care provides

Under hospice care, providers manage pain through medications, and they provide counseling services to the patient and their loved ones, both of whom might be having difficulties processing the imminent death. Finally, some people prefer dying in their own homes because it’s the most comfortable place.

Anyone who has a loved one who is terminally ill and beyond curative care should learn about the benefits of hospice care because getting help sooner is the best way to optimize the benefits.