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Palliative care programs are on the rise

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2022 | Health Law Attorneys

By leveraging the partnerships with providers that they already have, hospices in Texas are now building up new programs that incorporate palliative care. But there are still some obstacles to overcome to make palliative care programs work for everybody.

Challenges faced by palliative care programs

As of yet, there aren’t enough ways for providers to be reimbursed. There’s also the issue of shortages in the workforce. And without a payment structure or care model that is standardized across the field, it’s difficult to tell if palliative care programs across the country are offering comparable payment and care experiences.

Providers usually have a significant amount of catching up to do before they’re in sync with the rest of the hospice care world. It takes time for even the top minds to learn everything about payer contracts, and it’s no small feat to make a sustainable business model for palliative care programs in their communities.

These providers already have plenty on their plates without trying to take on palliative care initiatives. That’s where partnerships with providers who have more experience in palliative care come into play.

Partnering for solutions

According to some experts, the way to overcome these challenges is to strengthen and reinforce the partnerships between hospice and care providers while seeking new ones. The partnerships that matter the most are those with healthcare providers who have spent a significant amount of time working on payor contracts for palliative care programs.

While providers might know what’s best for their patients, even those dealing with the most life-threatening illnesses, negotiations with insurance companies aren’t necessarily their forte. Unfortunately, clinical expertise doesn’t always help to negotiate a contract. Palliative care has shown to be an effective way to break down the barriers that often emerge between the different pillars of health care.