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Steps To Becoming A Licensed Texas Hospice Provider

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2022 | Health Law Attorneys

Texas Health and Human Services is the governing body over home health groups through which all home and community support service agencies (HCSSAs) must be licensed. This agency is responsible for certifying new providers as well as surveying community support service agencies to ensure compliance with all regulations at both the federal and state levels, providing essential protections to those who receive hospice, home health, and personal assistance services.

License applicants must complete a computer-based training course prior to being surveyed. It’s crucial to make sure you’ve filled out the application correctly, uploaded all the necessary documents uploaded before, and paid all the fees associated with the licensure.

Health and Human Services license applicants also must register with the State Comptroller of Public Accounts and be in good standing with them. Registration with the Secretary of State of Texas and a good standing status there is also necessary under health care regulations. Finally, a Health and Human Services license may be granted once it’s approved by the HHS and HCSSA Licensure and Certification Unit.

Application types

There are four different types of Health and Human Services license applications:

  • Initial
  • Change of Ownership
  • Renewal
  • Changes of Information

Initial applications are used when there is no HHS license number issued for the application yet. Changes of Ownership, while technically another type of Initial application, specifically handles cases in which an agency has changed the tax identification number.

When someone’s licensure is about to expire, they must submit a Renewal application no later than the expiration date. Under state health care law, these Renewals are not accepted when submitted after the expiration date, and there are often other deadlines that must be met to avoid late fees.

As the name suggests, Changes of Information applications are necessary when the information that was provided in a different application changes once the license has been issued. These changes must also be reported within the required time frame to avoid a late fee.

It is a requirement for all HCSSAs to be licensed through Health and Human Services to be allowed to operate in Texas. Once this license is obtained, you’ll have the freedom and support to care for people to the best of your ability.